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wow. Hope it all comes to fruition. I'd love to see all these changes.

Is there any talk of painting bike lanes in DC a different color?

I'm impressed. DDOT really seems to be getting serious about creating a non-automobile transportation network. Kudos to everyone who has been working on this (which is a lot of people).

the cycle tracks are going to have the noticable effect of getting women, people with kids, elderly, all the "other people" to bike places rather than drive who otherwise wouldn't - same effect they always do. This effect will only increase as the cycle tracks are extended and become more inter-connected. Especially when we get bikeshare at a higher density on/around the cycle tracks, that's when it's really going to start taking off. So much potential....

As a cyclist who's been hit by another cyclist who was going the wrong way on a one way street, contra flow designs spell trouble.

Problem with bike lanes to "help pollution" is that for every car they take off the roads, 100 cars are sitting on roads idling in traffic for even longer due to road congestion.

@What, that isn't true. Cyclists do not cause congestion, they alleviate it. The idling car canard has long been the faux-environmental argument for adding road capacity, but it's so logically deficient that I don't even really feel a need to contradict it. You come back with some evidence and we'll talk.

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