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Yessssssssss! The trail is being repaved as we speak. Started on Thursday! The trail is beautiful, the purest nature with such proximity to DC to be compared with no other. I am commuter on trail with many others since the Wilson bridge opened that appreciate the work. I plan to leave those workers tip the next time I run into them for their kind consideration of this beautiful nature trail.

Only downside with that area, besides the crappy sidewalk connection on Oxon Hill Rd, is the climb up/down Oxon Hill itself.

Still, I might go check it out this weekend, now that I know they're repaving it. Any word on whether the stretch north of Oxon Run (up to DC Village) will be repaved as well?

How do you get to this from the Wilson Bridge?

Try this.

Yep...that's pretty much the route.

God bless. That trail was AWFUL. And yeah, the hill sucks but ride it every day and it gets easier ;)

This is really a wonderful area, that has been forgotten I am a Councilperson with the Town of Forest Heights and would like to meet with bikers and walkers to see what we can do to bring this trail back. The UM Landscape Design school worked with the town last spring on extending this to the Naylor Rd in DC. Anyone interested contact me.

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