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If there's not enough cross traffic, a signal isn't justified (there's reams of engineering standards on where signals are justified or not). Though if College Park really wants a signal, they may be able to get one if they offer to pay for it. Flip side of that is signals tend to increase rear-end accidents and also too many signals that aren't coordinated will frustrate drivers (road rage and all that).

I don't see the school zone bit going either, since those are specifically for elementary/junior high/high school areas, not colleges and universities.

Perhaps one of those "Hawk" signals?

A Hawk signal would be a good option.

This morning, I noticed there were signs saying, "Wait For Vehicles To Stop Before Crossing".
1. The advice is probably sound.
2. That's not how a crosswalk is supposed to work.
3. They provide a way of blaming the next pedestrian or cyclist who is hit by a car. "Clearly, he didn't wait for the vehicle to stop, or he wouldn't have been hit."

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