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this is likely a Christiana or Velorbis bicycle and is not easy to find in racing/athletic bike oriented America.

Velorbis makes cargo bikes- they are German- and Christiana is in Denmark.
We have only been seeing sit up posture bicycles appear in the USA in the past 3-4 years- they have been anathema to the male dominated, and high speed focused USA market- which is the opposite of most of the rest of the bicycle -riding world, where people use bikes to buy groceries, pick up kids from school, to shop, go to work, etc..In Europe- you also see women biking a LOT more than they do here because they have safe traffic protected bikeways. We do not have that in America because of car-centric bike planners like John Forester who want people to "share the roads" with cars and SUVs- thus- most people see bicycling as inherently dangerous. Notice this woman is not wearing a helmet- in most of Europe you do not need to have a bike helmet- biking is a lot safer there.

If you google "bakfiets" you can find them. They run about 3 grand. There's one on ebay right now. http://cgi.ebay.com/De-Fietsfabriek-Bakfiets-Dutch-Cargo-Bike-Olive-Green_W0QQitemZ190321135835QQcmdZViewItem

There is a company in Mass that sells workbikes, Velorbis and Christiana.
Henry Cutler has opened a shop in NYC , Florida, and Portland. ProBikes in Georgetown is starting to import some of the new sit up & step thru unisex German bikes like Birias.

You can buy bikes like this all over Germany, Holland and Denmark.

Ack, I had a whole response typed out and it disappeared.

It's a Christiana style. Velobris has some like this and has US distributors. Work Cycles and Joe Bike also have cargo type bikes (but Joe Bike are two wheeled not three).

You'd have to figure out the bucket, but it looks a lot like the Worksman front load model: http://worksmancycles.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/frontload.html

Have you tried madsen cycles?

The madsens are cool, but I really want three wheels, bucket in the front. Looks like I have start saving my allowance.

We have a winner. The Mobii. It wins because I'm going to be a Chicago this month and they have a distributor there.


Not this bike, but a front loading trike
Dutch bike company in Somerville MA is, or was a distributor.
A good blog about using one:
Mama Vee would be glad to share her experience.

We have a Christiania bike here (that we don't use too often), you're welcome to stop by and give it a test ride. Contact me off list.

With or without grandma in the basket?

It's not quite the same thing, but I'm loving my Surly Big Dummy w/ Xtracycle-equipped rear end.

You should check out Bikes at Vienna- They carry unusual bikes like that. College Park bikes also

Washcycle, if you find one, be sure to lock it up tight! ...if it should come up missing, wait for me to get tired from pedaling around it's awesome weight and it'll probably show up in my back yard!


Copenhagen Cyclery in Chicago stocks the Velorbis Mobii http://www.copenhagenbike.com/

Awesome. I'm going to Chicago this weekend, so I plan to check it out.

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