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Oh come on, he just hit and killed a cyclist. Maybe a fine will be sufficient? (So says the person who was hit by taxi and then was ticketed by the DC police while in the ER with a concussion).

I was thinking local VA bicyclists should consider some sort of bike protest. But it sounds like the prosecuter was actually trying. Then it occurred to me that last week's St. Mary's fatal incident absolutely deserves a protest. The police pre-judged the bicyclist, wrongly interpreted the law and made no mention of driver culpability. How do we do it? Bike procession? Meet at police HQ? Rally at city or county hall? Count me in.

Is there any evidence that this admitted travesty of justice is a cycling issue, as opposed to a the-military-is-above-the-law issue? After all, the one conviction for Abu Ghraib was thrown out, and I don't remember seeing any bikes in *those* pictures...

It does involve a cyclist, for starters. But I guess it depends on how much the military amnesty plays into the willingness of the prosecution to accept the plea bargain.

If you can't be prosecuted for killing someone while driving a car on military business, how about a court martial?

If there was damage to the vehicle and the drver was at fault, non-judicial punishment is a definite possibility (Captain's Mast is one term we use in the Navy). Court martial would also be possible, but not as likely as NJP.

Regardless of the legal issues of this incident, it brings up a gripe I have with VDOT and their general lack of paved shoulders on divided highways across much of the state. I've been on the stretch of Route 360 where this incident occurred, and the lack of paved shoulders is likely a contributing reason as to why the bicyclist was in the right lane on a 65 MPH highway to begin with...

Was the driver of the van Drunk there was no mention of drinking and driving

Not drunk.

No one will ever know if he was drunk or not. No sobriety tests were done.

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