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The Idaho law as proposed for Oregon specifically called for bicyclists to slow way down, look both ways, and then roll through if it was clear to do so-- and also specifically called for serious fines for bicyclists who "breeze through" or "blow" the stop sign.

Most bicyclists who do not stop for stop signs don't slow down first, either-- they just go through without a care of other people's right of way.

I look at it as legalizing the California stop (the slow and roll) that most drivers use at stop signs.

I think it would have passed had it applied to all road users; after all, we're all doing the same thing, why are bicyclists getting ticketed so heavily while car drivers are not for the same lack of full stop?

I think Christopher Beam is well-intentioned, but he's got major factual problems with his article. He needs to read "The Myth of the Scofflaw Cyclist."

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