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I went with my daughter to the Alexandria event at Four Mile Run and Commonwealth Avenue. A lot of people there. Whole families, kids on their BMX bikes, some without helmets even though they were under 12 (or whatever the age is you have to wear a helmet in VA) and also a few adults by themselves. We arrived just around six and my daughter received a Planet Bike 1W headlight and a nice blinky. They also gave her a reflective clip for her pants to keep them out of the chain.

The volunteers were very helpful and fast and it was all around a terrific experience. By the time we left, I heard them say that they only had rear blinkies left. We rode back with a couple of kids and you could just see how proud they were to have their own lights on their bikes.

I believe that these events really make a difference.


oh.... HI DORCAS!

I went with my daughter to the Alexandria event at Four Mile Run...

So another Eric W was there, too! I stopped by on my way home as it's right along my commute route. Was there closer to 5:30 or 5:45.

Nothing but praise for the volunteers. I was glad to see so many people there. The Planet Bike Blazer 1s they were giving out as headlights seem like really good "be seen" lights... much nicer than what I thought they would be distributing. Great event!

I mean Beamer 1, not Blazer. (Fingers working faster than brain...)

Wow! Thanks for all the great feedback on Alexandria's Bikes for Lights! I helped organize the event at Commonwealth Ave, where we had a great group of volunteers (thanks!). We also had great support from Alexandria Bike/Ped Coordinator Yon Lambert, BikeWalk Alexandria, viaVelo and Spokes Etc.

It was a very positive event. :)

Hi other Eric_W. ;-)

We must see each other on the trail a lot without knowing. I took the "shortcut" yesterday and at around 5:45, there was at least one police officer standing there as well as a pretty good crowd.

I agree that the lights are good quality and not some cheap stuff. They really looked into it and made it count.

The light is great as a "be seen" light! it is just adequate for someone riding slowly on a dark path but for commuting it would not be enough for me. (But maybe I am overdoing it with three front lights...)

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