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I didn't know the Columbia Pike and Washington Blvd (244 and 27) interchange was being replaced. Glad to hear bike accommodations are being considered. That spot can be kind of scary (then again, so can most of Columbia Pike).

Is the Lyon Village Switchback that steep part of the Custis Trail with the really tight curves?

Disappointing that the Ballston bike pit's replacement will have a lower capacity and no shelters. That area needs quality parking, and more of it.

I've ridden through that underpass dozens of times and it is scary. Underpasses always make me nervous because of the short sight lines.

Yes, the Lyon Village Switchback is that one just north of Lee Highway.

Columbia Pike/Washington Blvd is not being replaced per se. I have some of the design specs from VDOT, and a more appropriate term is "reconfigured".

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