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Again, the story shouldn't be about the bicycling infractions (though it appears that's what some are focusing on). It should be on Fenty's apparent abuse of power and misuse of resources...

Agreed with Froggie.

Agreed with WashCycle too - it's ridiculous to suggest that the trails are a good option for training rides. In fact, I'd say that people who use the trails for training rides are a menace to everybody else.

Looking at that first video, I simply don't believe the mayor when he says that he didn't know that Clara Barton Parkway was off-limits, and I definitely don't believe him when he suggests that his fellow cyclists didn't know - this has been a topic of a good deal of conversations on local racing listservs, and unless those folks are completely unconnected, they absolutely know.

The biggest thing that amazes me about this story is how tone-deaf the mayor is. Is that the result of the arrogance that power creates?

I agree about what the focus should be, namely is he appropriately using the resources at his disposal to do his job?

I am willing to believe he didn't know, but I don't read the racing listservs so I don't know how ridiculous that might seem. It is possible someone on his team knew, but didn't mention it to him.

Both NPS and Maryland state regulations require a road closed to cyclists to be posted. Arguably a closed road that is not posted is not really closed.

Of course they didnt include the section of the interview at WABA were we mentioned that cycling was exploding in popularity and the demand for safe places to ride is greater than ever, or our mention that the trails are no place for racers to train.

Just wanted to add my vote for "sees nothing wrong with the mayor exercising, or using city resources to do so.". If Mayor Williams had used a police escort to get to and from the gym this would have been an absolute and total non-story.

The only reason this story ever saw the light of day is because (in the minds of the exurban auto-commuter) all cyclists are arrogant, scofflaw, traffic-obstructing assholes.

It is interesting to note that both Fox videos are preceded by car commercials. The bias starts before the news piece.


No this story came up because Fenty is arrogant, egocentric, and prone to elevating himself above the law.

As an suburban resident and bike commuter it bothers me to see him using his DC police detail to run red lights in suburban maryland and generally ignore the law. This is something that investigative journalists should be exposing

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