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Carried my bike over all this (and the broken glass) this morning (9 Nov)...what a mess! Then I tried to use DC's Repair Request form online a few minutes ago. What a mess! Poor interface, lousy data, lame validation. Can you find the Douglass Bridge - or South Capitol Street on the "validated location" pop-up? I couldn't. Best part of the form is the pulldown of states to choose from. And who knows the zip code for any given block in DC? I say two weeks until it is cleaned up...

I took the second picture and may have crossed paths with Russ right afterward. The damage looks relatively recent.

There is a related issue here and that is the general attitude that a ped/bike path can be used to dump junk from car crashes. This happens all the time on the Case Bridge near L'Enfant Plaza. It seems that the authorities want to clear the right of way for motor vehicles and giev no though to putting to busted bumpers, shard sof car metal, and other debris in the path of bikes and pedestrians.

This is what Dr. Gridlock had to say about the bridge cleanup in today's online discussion on the Post website:

"I checked with DDOT spokesman John Lisle about the Douglass Bridge, and he checked with Frank Pacifico, the supervisor for street and bridge maintenance.

Lisle said DDOT discovered the problem during a test of the bridge span on Sunday morning. Now, DDOT workers are removing the obstruction from the sidewalk and dismantling the damaged rail so they can fix it."

Mad Props to DC DOT - the debris is cleared away as of this afternoon's ride home! I was way off on my repair time guess.

Now for the interesting part: what exactly was the "test of the bridge span" on Sunday morning? Raising the bridge? If so, they didn't need to raise it to see that a bunch of stuff was welded and bolted down.

My favorite part of the S. Cap. Bridge remains the tiny little pedestrian tollgates on the sidewalks. I nearly clip them every morning - but I'll be sure to stop the next time they raise the bridge.

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