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I thought that Post article was poorly written. This is much better.

Don't have any tweed, so did not join in. But went and knocked out 11 miles of the W&OD instead...

Many people, including myself, rode without tweed. It was a forgiving group.

Such a great day! We have photos and video here:


had no idea this was going on- and neighter did anyone else I know

Maybe you blog folks could give more of us a heads up in the future

Here and here. As well as at DCist, ReadySetDC, GGW, CityPaper, BrightYoungThings etc...

It was a daisy of a ride indeed.


i guess you had to know about this way in advance to participate.

Im not cool enough to be told or informed of it , I suppose

w, this was covered on this blog and many others starting as many as 3 weeks ago, and with increasing frequency up to the weekend. i don't think that this was planned much more than 3 weeks in advance.

anyway, yes, the post article wasn't very good. i was in the last group to depart and i don't know how earlier groups behaved, but we encountered relatively few cars generally, and those we did encounter were all smiles and waves. we didn't do a lap around the circle. the only thing our group DID do that i personally was against was run some red lights to keep the group together. these were only at minor intersections, but i still wish we'd behaved like we did at the major intersections--just stop and wait for the light, let it split the group, and have the part that made it through wait for the ones stuck. wouldn't have been difficult and wouldn't have provided the necessary fodder for "these jerk cyclists flout all laws and get in the way and are so dangerous and annoying". imagine the write-up if we hadn't run a single light. motorists honking and getting frustrated at a group of people having fun, being polite and following all laws on a lazy sunny sunday afternoon. very clear as to who the jerks are. with us "blowing through red lights and creating traffic snarls"....just not quite the same.

many many cyclists I have talked to , in the past 24 hours , also were left in the dark on this.

It was not widely publicized at all ahead of time

a group of us were sitting at an outdoor cafe on 8th street S.E. yesterday when we saw some of the 1890's looking cyclists and we were trying to figure out what it was. All 4 of us were cyclists- were right next door to the Capitol Hill Cycle shop and no one there knew what it was or could tell us about it.

It was also on the calendar at right (down a bit). I think the fact that there were something like 300 participants speaks to how well it was advertised, but clearly they could've done more, as they missed at least four willing participants.

and I have all of the costumes the other 3 would have needed !

Better luck next time !!!

If I'd have known that lack of tweed would not have been a show-stopper, I'd have probably gone. Though you gotta admit a guy in Navy PT gear would've looked very out-of-place...:o)

Old & vintage US Navy uniforms are awesome and spectacular

Mine are anything but old...especially given the recent uniform change requirements...

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