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Is this something that's also been done in other cities? I wonder how long it will take for parkers to fall into the pattern. Yesterday it didn't seem like there were any signs telling people what to do. I did love the sign going north saying (something like) 'Bikes may use the whole lane.'

Here's one in Boulder, separated by trees, planters and bollards. There's one in Silver Spring with nothing separating it. NYC uses cars to separate bike lanes like this, but no counter to flow of traffic. I don't know of another facility just like this - DDOT is being creative.

If they ticket all of these every day for 2 weeks, people will get into the habit real quick.

They just implemented a separated lane in DT minneapolis and the same thing is happening. You have to put in some kind of physical separator for the cars to get it. Even if they understand there is a bike lane there, they will sometimes park partially in the lane. Even the skinny little orange bollards would be a huge help. Otherwise, this isn't going to work.

Warning: Road conditions ambiguous ahead.

Ticketing cars will get the regular parkers to understand what's going on. Once the regulars are all parking the correct way people will figure it out. I don't think it will take more than a couple weeks.

Also, things aren't complete - I think it will be more clear once they are.

Except on Sunday, of course - going to church means all the rules are lifted.

At 8:50 am this morning first car just south of U Street had a pink ticket on the windshield. Other cars in the bike lane did not.

Seeing a double row of parked cars, does anyone else get reminded of Philly?

Hey, I talked to Eric Gilliland last night at the bike light giveaway, and he seemed to think that there was still a curb in the works but construction has been slowed for some reason. It's supposed to be that quick curb materials, similar to what they put in at places around the "death star" 15th/Florida/W intersection just a bit north of there. It seems to me that this can't really work without SOME sort of physical barrier to keep cars out of the lane.

Brand new beamer got a big loogie on its windshield this morning.

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