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sorry to say for those of you who are athletic sports type cyclists- this bike shop has done well exactly because they cater to people who use bikes as primary transportation and not just recreation or male ego boosting adrenaline racing, etc..

they have competent mechanics, and they also have real practical bicycles that do not necessarily have those skinny-assed tires that blow out after 5 miles or less.

Another great bike store is Bike Pro in Georgetown- the oldest in the city- they import German and Dutch bicycles and they have great service and personell.They sell a range of bicycles other than just the standard suburban -oriented racers or mountain bikes.

Most of the progressive bike shops will probably stay in business- the ones that are open to the good healthy new trends in cycling that are all about sit up posture, comfort over speed, ergonomics and cargo capacity. Capitol Hill Bikes, sorry to say, was not one of these shops.


Is there a reason why you just hang out here and GGW and troll about how much you hate "athletic sports-type" cyclists?

More people riding bikes is good for bicycling, no matter how they ride. Plenty of us enjoy biking for exercise as well as using our bicycles as primary modes of transportation, and the same bicycle can be used for both.

I think if you stand on a busy corner at rush hour - you'll see few cyclists in spandex and on road bikes and most on more upright bikes and with clothes that are more office appropriate (depending on the weather). Not that there is anything wrong with spandex or drop handles. "Athletic cyclists" make up a minority of all cyclists, all WABA members and all advocates. A welcome minority, but a minority nonetheless.

I always thought 'w' was here from the automobile industry to set up their "divide and conquer" plan for scuttling bicycle advocacy... if that's not the case 'w' is definitely missing out on some potential income. You're doing more harm than good fellow transportation cyclist.

LOL !!!

I use my bike as my daily form of transportation and for training and racing. I don't see any difference between the two.

I wear spandex while commuting on my 13-year old hybrid or on my brand-new carbon road bike. I just like it best. I tried regular pants and t-shirts and that did not really feel as comfortable as the spandex bib and functional t-shirts. I almost never get out on the weekends for fun rides.

Should I feel ashamed?

Why care what people wear? I am not going to guess why people feel they have to...

Personally, I prefer wool jerseys and shorts. But either wool or spandex, the jerseys and shorts are designed to be comfortable, and the "athletic" bikes are just more efficient. I'm sorry that @w doesn't have the athletic ability to ride one.

It's just a byproduct of working close to home and not having to decide between biking 10+ miles, metro, or driving. people who only have to commute a mile or so and get angry and vehicular cyclists fail to understand that not all of us can be as lucky. My commute is 12 miles one way, in some pretty serious car sewers, and I sure as hell would never think to ride in anything less than highlighter yellow everything. But I suppose that w would prefer me to drive.

do any of you GUYS ever buy and carry home a full load of groceries on your bicycle?

As for "athletic ability"- why is this so critical?

Is it not the goal of most cycling advocates to make cycling easier and SAFER for people other than male athletic racer types?

When I go to Europe- I always see old people, young children, WOMEN, office workers and SHOPPERS on bicycles- and it is not just for commuting or racing- it is for EVERYDAY ERRANDS.

and almost no one wears helmets or spandex-
they do not have to when they have traffic protected bike ways to keep them safe from cars.

Far too many people here in the Sataes who are cyclists are way behind and stuck in the 70's or worse.

Mrs. Washcycle does the grocery shopping because I'll come home with stuff that isn't good for me. But she often uses her bike to bring home groceries.

w, which Capitol Hill do you live in? I live in Capitol Hill and I see all of those groups you listed out riding all the time. The Safeway always has bikes parked outside. I think you're stuck in the 70's when you were the only one who did such things. You sound like an R.E.M. fan who liked them before they were big and now thinks all the fans are poseurs.

You really need to quit attacking other cyclists with your tirades. Most cyclists agree that we need safer roads. Most cyclists ride to more places than just work. Quit putting so much emphasis on what people wear. WHY DO YOU CARE? People do not reply negatively to your comments because you espouse a philosophy of bicycle transportation for all. They respond negatively because there is always a healthy serving of superiority, victimhood and meanness to your posts.

There's a joke about guys in prison who have all heard the same jokes so many times, that they just shout out numbers for them. #3 one yells, and everyone laughs,. #42 another shouts, and everyone laughs. #12 the new guy shouts and no one laughs. "Some guys just can't tell a joke" the punchline goes. We've read you're anti-American athletic cyclists spiel enough that you can just post "#1" and we'll all know what you mean.

That being said, I hope you continue to comment, but ask yourself "Would I say this to my mother?" before you do.

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