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where are the dedicated and separated bikeways for the part of Pennsylvania Avenue that is actually in the city?
The Avenue has among the widest sidewalks of any major downtown street in North America and yet no one seems to be considering the safety of cyclists or of the possibility of separated and auto- protected bikeways. It would be very simple to cordon off portions of the sidewalks to enable nice bikeways on both sides of PaAv from the Capitol thru to the car-free areas around the White House. The part of PaAv west of the White House to Georgetown does not have the super wide sidewalks- but it could be made to have dedicated bikeways if a little effort & imagination were expended in the design.

Why are all of these new bike lanes or trails away from the actualy center of the city where they are needed the most? It must be some kind of timidity or political type situation- maybe the DC planners wish to avoid the minefield of arousing certain Northern Virginian congressmen who are the true rulers of the Nation's Capitol.

They do not seem to give a $hit for those of us who make our homes here. If they did- we would already have awesome bicycle infrastructure here in DC.

As someone who routinely bikes the entire length of pennsylvania ave to get to work, I can say without reservation that if anyone ever doubted that DC's planning policis were racist, all they need to do is drive from the Capitol building to Western Ave. Personally, this improvement was the #1 issue I felt the city needed to address. More than streetcars, more than cycle tracks, more than anything. It's about creating a community for our wards that have been neglected and paved over for so long. I encourage every cyclist to bike this route once before construction starts. If you ever needed a prime of example of stupid auto centric planning, you have it right there.

Question: why no dedicated bus lanes?

Also, congrats on scooping GGWash!

and +1 w's comments

@JTS, there are HOV/transit lanes over the same section where the MUT is. I just didn't mention it because that's GGWash territory. Follow the link above labeled "actual project".

@w, I think JTS hit on why they aren't working on the other sections of Penn. If you look at the list of Great Streets in DC they are in under served neighborhoods (Georgia Ave, H Street/benning road, Minnesota Ave, Nannie Helen Burroughs). Penn in the West End is not under served.

right on w !! thanks for your good comments, as usual.

do you (w) have your own blog or something?...

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