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Thanks for the update. I had assumed this project had been abandoned. While 18 months behind schedule is dreadful, it's better than forgotten.

I tried to contact Mr. Miller from DDOT as well, with no response.

My wife and I rode from National Harbor to DC yesterday as part of a loop from Alexandria. This is not something I will be doing again. The ride down MLK was not comfortable. Are there plans to build a bike specific route the entire way?

There are no plans, but there are a lot of people who want there to be plans. I asked DDOT director Klein about that this week and he said he'd ask his bike group. They really missed the boat when they didn't include a more direct route in the Wilson Bridge project.

Agreed there. Would have been a relatively straightforward matter to extend the trail along the 295 ramp and the west side of 295 and along the edge of Blue Plains up to the NRL/Overlook Ave intersection.

I'll chime in on what's certain to kick-off in the next year. There's a construction trailer and building supplies massing near the site of the bike overpass on the west side of the river. On the east side there's a lot going on right around the RR tracks, but it's not clear what's related to the bridge repair project and/or the recent paving. The trail connections between the Bladensburg Waterfront Park, ANA-11 and the NY Ave. bridge would have already broken ground, but there were issues with the general contractor. That work should start in the next six months. The markers for the trail along this route are already in the field. Hope this helps.

Hey, you weren't able to get Allen Miller to respond because he's not working at DDOT anymore. Perhaps you could ask Director Klein, the next time you speak to him, who IS managing the ART project now.

A more detailed map of the ART planned routings would be useful for a project of mine. The rough map on the ART webpage doesn't quite cut it.

That's funny, because you can still reach his voicemail. Don't they reroute phone calls when someone leaves?

I sent a question to the Mayor's e-mail about this and got a response after a bit of a delay:

Dear Mr. Reedy,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Anacostia Riverwalk. The District is committed to realizing the vision of this important project. The District Department of Transportation is actively working on the section of trail between River Terrace and Anacostia Park. Over the last several weeks the path along this section was paved up to the CSX tracks. DDOT is now coordinating design and construction efforts with the National Parks Service and CSX to complete a bridge over the railroad tracks. Construction of the bridge will begin in 2010.


Nakia E. Newton | Staff Assistant
Government of the District of Columbia
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development
1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Suite 317 | Washington, DC 20004
W 202.724.7391 | F 202.727.6703 | nakia.newton@dc.gov

Ms. Newton,

If you have time for one more question, do you know how the connection
is going to be made across the CSX tracks where the trail needs to go
from the existing portion on M St. to the existing section at Barney
Circle & the RFK access road? Do you know what the timing is for that?

E Reedy
Dear Mr. Reedy,

The Design/Construction of both pedestrian bridges (East and West side of the Anacostia) have been awarded under one contract. Clearing and grubbing has started for both sites and construction of the structures should begin in 2010. On the West side, the bridge will connect the trail from the RFK access road (just east of Barney Circle) over the CSX tracks to Water Street.

If you have more questions please feel free to contact Mr. Aaron Overman, Project Manager, District Department of Transportation at Aaron.overman@dc.gov or 202.673.6813.

Best Regards,

Nakia E. Newton | Staff Assistant

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