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I remain super-bearish on any smart bike expansion.

That quote from Gabe Klein is very recent. I just can't believe he would say May 2010 so definitively if he wasn't confident of that. From what I hear, he is very excited about SmartBike expansion and very involved in it. It may not be May, but I'd wager a $1 that it'll be 2010.

yeah, i hear you. I'd probably take that bet though. I am willing to give Gabe and DDOT's bike team the benefit of the doubt, but I'd be surprised if DC's myriad interest groups got in the way, if only to have a say in, say, the location of the kiosks or to protest one going in on their block or whatever. I'm hoping that they elected to use Bixi so that infrastructural considerations could be mitigated (solar powered vs. relying on wired electricity). Plus, we don't know if maintenance contracts have been bidded on and awarded, what the costs are going to be like, or how the membership structure (if one is to exist) is going to work. Having been around DC long enough to know that these issues unfortunately take a minimum of a year to sort out, I'd be surprised to see this in 2010. But that said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sure...

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