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The "he could've been on a crowded bus." link is broken.

Thanks. I fixed it.

I like the "riding on sidewalk for the purpose of parking" law. Good idea!

See BikeSnobNYC's analysis of the Williamsburg bike lane wars:


Some highlights:

"If Time's Up really wanted the Hasidim to accept the bike lanes they'd try to make the Hasidim understand the bike lanes. Unfortunately, this would require that they in turn try to understand the Hasidim. However, this is far too time-consuming, and it would cut into Time's Up's busy schedule of putting on 'Doggie Pedal Parades' and sending people in polar bear costumes to Copenhagen."

"When you attain a certain level of self-importance you honestly begin to believe that simply amplifying yourself is all you need to do to make people agree with you. When some people say they want 'livable cities,' what they really mean is that they want cities in which everybody lives the same way that they do. Really, one person's 'livable city' is another person's uninhabitable hellhole."

I'm sympathetic to the neighborhood's complaints. It sound like it wasn't handled well. And while I think painting in bike lanes is a clever PR stunt, I think it's best reserved for areas where the DOT is failing to serve cyclists and I don't think NYC DOT or DDOT qualify.

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