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As we have observed in the past few days, the cleaning the sidewalk, complaint is a "red herring". Hundreds of miles of sidewalk and multi-use paths are still covered with snow without any enforcement.

I don't see why Montgomery county will start with the poor residents along Bradley Blvd.

Bradley bike/ped opponents seem to have been forgotten by the 21st century (or indeed the 1970s) since most people now know that people should be able to walk along public streets. On another sidewalk project in Bethesda, Maryknoll Drive, residents called the parents of a handicapped child selfish for wanting a sidewalk for getting to school. Afterwards though one resident noted, "Even people who opposed it use it all the time". More about selfishness here:

Allow me to speak on behalf of one of the many who oppose the project. The pompous self interest groups (which are namely the cyclists) who are self absorbed, inconsiderate and are thinking only about the minority rather that the majority are really the only ones supporting this project! This really has so much more to do with the fact that you believe millions of tax-payers dollars should be spend to ensure you have a path to ride on for 3/4 mile in the middle of Bethesda. May I ask how you have survived such a hardship for so many years. Stop fixating on the individuals who are directly impacted along Bradley. They are not the only individuals impacted. The children do not care about having an extra 3/4 mile bike path, nor do many of the residents. If you were to properly poll the residents the County and the State considering that Bradley is a State road you would find that the majority of the population would rather spend their tax dollars on: 1. Improving schools and the conditions our children are faced with each day they are forced to be in a portable, without enough help in their classrooms, far too few supplies etc. 2. Ensuring that our Emergency Rescue Services are properly staffed and funded. 3. Many of the roads in the truly poor parts of the county need immediate attention. This is just to name a few major areas that should be cared for before placing millions into a frivolous projects promoted by whining self interest groups. After experiencing one of the countries worst times in economic history is astonishing that you still believe that this is more important than basic public service needs for the county and state. Finally, I would like to mention that in a time of transparent spending the county executives would be willing to back a project by spending this amount of money in one of the wealthiest part of the county rather then ensuring that the entire counties needs are met first.

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