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Great news.

I haven't ridden on the trail since I had that nasty crash back in July. I got forced off the pavement by a series of bumps. Once I was on the grass, I hit the brakes too hard and went flying over the handlebars. Fortunately I didn't break anything but I did get dinged up.

The CCCT was very helpful in getting that section of the trail fixed. I saw from the post on WashCycle that the NPS had known about that hazard for at least 2 years. The bright paint marking the bumps had faded by the time I rode on the trail. I wrote to the CCCT that evening. They forwarded the message to the NPS and within a week, they had repair crews fixing the problem. So while the NPS was negligent in their duties to protect users of the trail, the CCCT did a very good job of assisting me in getting a problem fixed. Just thought I'd share that story. Maybe someone will be inspired to make a small donation to the CCCT.

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