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As a matter of law a crosswalk already exists at Strathmore Street; a crosswalk is considered to exist in Maryland any time a street with sidewalks comes to an intersection. So what they are talking about is actually marking the existing crosswalk.

What the residents are talking about is how to use a crosswalk without getting killed. Since people using a crosswalk would, necessarily, force cars to slow down, I do not see how marking it should slow motorists to slow down unreasonably unless the motorists were already travelling too fast.

As one who lives in Chevy Chase DC (east of Chevy Chase Circle), I'd rather see the community's energy spent advocating for a bike lane, wider roadbed or sidewalk on Bradley Lane between Connecticut Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue. This is a VERY dangerous route to ride.

Likewise, a re-paving and/or bike lane striping of Western Avenue between Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenues would be a help.

And let's not mention Chevy Chase Circle itself...

Being from California I am so impressed with the Bike lane on the sidewalk in front of Bloomingdales in Chevy Chase while only two blocks this is a step in the right direction and be more like some cities in Europe it is common in many big cities to have bike lanes on the sidewalks.
I live in San Francisco where most people who bike would rather bike in the road instead of making demands for the safest place to be off the road and on the sidewalk.
It is still against the law to bike on any sidewalk in California.

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