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We are talking about the Giro d'Italia? I understand starting in a country bordering on Italy or going through other countries during some of the stages. But this is quite a different level.

Can you imagine the amount of money the riders will have to pay for excess baggage when they check in? ;-)

It would be cool to have a big race start here but it still seems odd.

I first heard about this possibility a few weeks ago. At that time, someone mentioned it would be the first time that a grand European tour (Giro, TDF, Vuelta) would be starting outside of Europe. To that I said that it seemed more logical for the Vuelta to start in Morocco or for the Giro, e.g., to start on the Asian side of Istanbul. But if they want to come to DC, brig em on! I'll glady stand out by the route and watch the Giro riders go by!

Yeah, it is a little strange but I'll be first in line to watch the race here. One of the perks of having a mayor who is also a serious cyclist and triathlete.

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