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[comment related to the WashCycle blog in general, not this post]

You are a modern day hero. I read your blog often and am continuously awed by the breadth and depth of your reporting and thoughtful recommendations. How is this possible? Are you operating a sweatshop of cyclist planners and advocates abducted from masters programs and bike messenger networks?

With holiday season forcing me to consider all that I take for granted, I must admit I am grateful for derailleurs and for WashCycle.

Thanks that means a lot to me. Enjoy it while you can. This summer we're expecting a little Washcycle Jr and I suspect the blog will suffer as a result.

Congratulations on Washcycle Jr (is that a quick rinse?)

On the transit issue: this is thrown into sharp relief by the storm. With trails completely unplowed, sidewalks largely uncleared, cyclists are forced to rely more on the roads or transit.

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