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What a great idea! How and who to pitch it to? Is it MoCo and DC, or NCPCC (or whatever it is called)? Are there legal ramifications if they start, and then stop, or don't do it all?

My experience is that the worst parts of the trail are between river road and the tunnel near the reservoir, especially because of ice build up.

This idea was considered some years ago, and the MoCo Department of Parks even budgeted some money to do it for one season as a trial. As luck would have it, that was the only year since the trail opened during which there was no accumulating snow for the whole season. I guess that would make the program a success!

But the Dept. of Parks has never programed any Operating Budget maintenance funds for this since that one year. The main objection is cost, and there is some concern that if they start plowing this one trail then they will be pressured to plow all trails.

The next budget is just now coming up for consideration. It is probably already too late to contact the Parks Dept. since they have already prepared their budget proposal to submit to the County Executive. But the County Executive Ike Leggett can still make changes until mid-January. After that the County Council will take it up and can make changes until they take their final budget approval vote, in late May or early June.

I wonder if there are issues with plowing equipment overstressing wooden bridges on the trails. I would love to see the Mount Vernon Trail plowed as I end up having to drive to work long after it snows. The snow lingers on bridges and in shaded areas often in the form of icy footprints that are a real pain to ride on.

At $2700 you'd think you could find 54 regular riders willing to pitch in $50 a piece. Or you could set up one of those donation auctions where no one pays until the full amount is pledged.

I pledge $50 via donation auction, with any excess to go to the fund for next year.

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