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My old boss at UMUC told me about doing just this when she was growing up in Beltsville.

No way! This is too cool.

Wash: your Google Maps link isn't working, but based on the Post description it would be somewhere near the Greenbelt station.

i rode on 66 in arlington before it was finished, but did not get a picture. a friend even used 66 as part of his commute, until the police made him stop.

Awesome. When I was a kid in NJ in the early 90s, friends and I rode on a stretch of 287 before it opened, it was a blast.

Thanks Froggie. I fixed the link.

This seems like a much better use for the beltway :-).

Awesome picture. Love the fenders.

BTW, they're not wearing helmets... :-0 LOL

When I was very young, a friend and I did the same thing on I-95 north before it opened to automobile traffic. But I don't think it was legal or encouraged.

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