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how about they give out bikes? There's no way that such a move would be any more expensive than giving out an ipod nano to every student.

On a related note, here's a comment I heard (and this is verbatim) from a lady at last night's Alexandria meeting:

"If it's not a dedicated bike lane, I'm afraid of traffic."

I wish they had addressed the issue of bike routes in the surrounding area. I'm being selfish here, since I live in the area, but am not affiliated with the University. Nevertheless, the fact that Rte. 1 and Adelphi are not particularly bike-friendly (and there aren't great alternatives) discourages students/employees from bike commuting.

Weren't there recent (last few months) articles on Washcycle about the lack of safe routes through UMD campus?

If it is relatively unsafe and there is no secure place to lock your bike, then is it any wonder that few people bike?

My undergrad implemented a really successful, low-tech bike share using a system similar to the library check-out for laptops. There were only about two dozen bikes available (it was a small student body), but offering that kind of free service certainly encouraged students to ride bikes. It also eliminated concerns about bike maintenance since work-study students or cycling club members took care of up-keep.

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