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Ian doesn't mention he's a local racer, and a fast one at that. Did the Shenandoah Mountain 100 in just a bit over 9 hours this year.

That would explain it.

Possible but not typical. I think he was just trying to show-off.

I'd love to see this guy's route.

To me, the specifics about this is kind of irrelevant. The point is that riding your bike to work can be more efficient and faster then other options. It is for me (though I hesitate to put the specifics down because I'm gonna be second-guessed!).

Zone 4 the whole way. Dang.

It would be good to see the route. I suspect he must ride a fair # of really bad spots for bikes. Using the limited amount "ridable" trails and roads, plus non-race speed, I'm thinking this is a 1.5-2 hour commute. Not exactly viable.

Another tell is that he averages 1 hour 12-15 minutes. A normal commuter would have a bigger +/-. To do that distance consistently +/- 3 minutes is inhumanly consistent.

I call bullsh*t

lol, sorry should have read all the comments.

I'm not second guessing the guy, and I get his point (though I think few people can beat the Metro from Vienna to White Flint - future Alleycat races, beat the Metro) I was just amazed. Maybe because I normally plod along at 10-12 mph. I just feel so slow.

That's crazy. You can sure beat the Metro downtown though - quite easily if transfers are involved. And I can beat most buses, even in the suburbs and without counting wait times.

His average speed is about 17 mph (1 hr 15 min days). That's not out-of-this-world fast but it is a pretty good clip. I usually average 15-16 mph on 1 or 2-hr. rides in and around DC. A lot depends on the specific roads and how many red lights you have.

You can really get going on some roads. Once you're up to speed, shift into a bigger gear and you'll really get going. You'll get sweaty so it wouldn't be a good idea on the way to the office. But on the return trip, it would be a good workout.

As for beating Metro, I can do that too. But the problem is that when I add in time to cool down afterward and wash off, the total "travel" time is about the same.

When you factor in getting to and from the Metro station and possibly parking there, biking all the way can do just as Metro, even from the suburbs to DC. I found that from upper Bethesda to Thomas Circle took about the same amount of time whether biking, taking Metro or driving all the way... about an hour. If Metro was 5 minutes faster on a good day, it was a half hour slower on a bad day. Metro was undependable and you couldn't trust it to get you to daycare pickup on time.

Ian is legit, he's not bs'ing anyone here. He's a strong rider who rides a LOT and rides fast. 17 to 20 miles an hours is certainly not out of the question for a fast rider. I'm sure there are plenty of other guys racing into town around the same speed.

I ride comfortably steady and average around 16 to 16.5 coming from Greenbelt to downtown including plenty of street crossings, stops, etc... If I were to really push it and manage the interruptions a bit more smoothly I guarantee I could make it averaging over 17.

As for total time, my bike commute time aligns right up with my metro commute. Factor in showering and everything at work vs at home its faster since I tend to take longer at home getting ready. Net win.

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