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I'd say that the disparity of press coverage between the Shirlington Underpass and the 15th Street Lane is 80% due to the fact that the Shirlington Underpass does not require drivers to "give up" "their space" on the road.

The other 20% would be due to the fact that the suburbs (even the close-in suburbs, and particularly those neighborhoods of the close-in suburbs that are "majority minority", like those around the underpass and along that bit of trail) are fairly routinely ignored by the MSM as well as by the much of the local blogosphere (that is, when they're not being bashed by the local blogosphere ::cough, GGW, ::cough::). I've found you, WashCycle, to be a refreshing exception to this, and I appreciate it :)

550 seems like a pretty small number to me. Is this an OK number for DC? Or, rather, is it an improvement over previous years?

That's just those that are reported. I'm sure more go unreported. Here are the numbers for previous years from the same source:

2008 - 728
2007 - 627
2006 - 592

So 2009 appears to be a big improvement.

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