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Are you sure the illustration above corresponds to the proposed plan? That yellow bus is an MBTA bus, which belongs in Boston. It looks to me like the intersection pictured is on Commonwealth Ave. Boston, too.

Are you sure that illustration represents the proposal under discussion, especially on the point you made about bicycle traffic?

That's what they had in the presentation material. You can follow the first link in the post to the presentation.

This seems to me to be illustrative of Maryland's choppy approach to bike access. They could build the awesomest bike paths here, but it wouldn't really connect to anything. There's about a 1 mile gap between 450/295 and the ATTS. On the other end, there's fairly short gap from 450/410 to the New Carollton station.

It's a shame. The latter gap is probably easy enough to close (especially with the ideas that have been floating around for improving the New Carollton area), but if they were willing to work on the area all the way west to the Anacostia, you'd actually have a pretty neat & useful set of trails all the way from Montgomery County to New Carollton.

Wow. I just looked at the presentation. That photograph is definitely from Boston. The signboard on the front of the MBTA bus even says "1 VIA MASS AVE". Was the design firm being lazy, dishonest, or both?

I'm all for high-density development. But I would send this proposal back to the drawing board. It's not just bad for cyclists. It's dishonest to everyone to sell a vision that won't look anything like as pictured: The picture is from another city!

Well, the bus may be from another city but it is just a stand-in. Just as I'm sure none of the people pictured are from PG County either. I wouldn't call that dishonest, it represents "a" bus, not "the" bus. The firm was probably being cheap (using an image they already had) which I'm OK with since it doesn't matter too much.

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