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Nice summary. Very comprehensive. Its great this information is public for those that couldn't make the meeting.

I do have one correction, however. It appears you have quoted the wrong goal text. Initially the goal read ". . . from point A to point B. Through a series of public meetings, we reworked the language for Goal three as follows:

Goal 3: "A multimodal transportation network that supports sustainable land use and provides internal mobility and regional connectivity for Alexandria."

Goal 3, Objective 3 speaks to pedestrian and bicycle issues: "Ensure safe and accessible travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit and motorists on Complete Streets with design and implementation that is context sensitive."

Here is a link: http://alexandriava.gov/uploadedFiles/tes/info/1-6-2010%20Strategic%20Planning%20update.pdf

Also, here is the language from Goal 2, Objective 3 on Complete Streets and walkability:

Initiative 3G: Pedestrian and Bicyclist Travel

Increase access to safe walking and biking trails in the City.

Earn a Silver "Bicycle Friendly Community" designation by 2013.

Improve the "Walk Score" for neighborhoods across Alexandria.

Reduce pedestrian and bicycle crashes.

Annually increase the total miles of sidewalks, shared-use paths and bikeways.

Here is a link: http://alexandriava.gov/uploadedFiles/council/info/StrategicPlan/Dec14InitiativesFinalMeeting.pdf

The Strategic Plan Goal language came straight from the city's Strategic Plan webpage.

I recall some changes to goal language were being discussed (I was at the December 14th meeting for Goal 3). Probably a combination of me missing something in my notes plus the city not updating the Strategic Plan website.

I just realized that I forgot to write about the planned trail extending from Eisenhower Ave/Mill Rd.

The city has a plan to build a shared use trail running southeast from the Mill Rd/Eisenhower Ave intersection. This trail would follow an easement along the old Cameron Run channel and then around the south side of the city's waterworks to connect to the south end of Payne St. By utilizing Payne St and the Franklin/Gibbon St combo, this would give bicyclists another way to get between Eisenhower Ave and the south side of Old Town and the WWB trail.

Great summary--thanks. I was at the meeting (siting next to Bruce) and was pleased to learn that we cyclists have allies on the Planning and Transportation Commissions.

Nice detailed summary.

Regarding this: "Also of note was how there has been negative pushback from the neighborhood on adding bike/ped paths to the [Beauregard St/King St intersection] project...the most common argument being 'nobody bikes here, so why include them?'."

I guess I'm nobody, because I cross that intersection on a daily basis on my way to class. With a decent sidepath on Beauregard St extending southwest to E Campus Drive, you'd have a solid connection between Northern Virginia Community College and the Four Mile Run and W&OD trails. I'd be surprised if that doesn't get other students commuting that way, especially from Arlington.

Right now, the intersection is quite unfriendly - you can get close via the trails, but then you contend with this little bit of ugly, after which, there's a long uphill block on Beauregard St that seems to drag on forever.

I don't think the sidepath in the King/Beauregard project extends as far as E Campus Drive, which is a shame, but doing so would remove the main obstacle to a lot of potential NVCC bike commuters.

So there you have it - nobody sane (we'll say that so we exclude me) bikes there, not due to a lack of destinations, but because the facilities are inadequate.

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