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Pennsylvania Ave goes into Northeast? :o)

I know that people are advocating for lanes on Pennsylvania Ave. and they are talking about a cycletrack in the middle of the street, but face it, few people use the road. I'd rather cycletracks be put where they'd really be used and would help create a stronger environment for truly bicycling.

Having infrastructure that isn't used involves significant opportunity costs, and in some respects, can make further facilities improvements more difficult, because car "advocates" point to the lack of usage as a reason to forgoe further improvements.

They'll be no cycletrack on Penn. Penn needs to be kept clear for parades - specifically the inaugural parade. It will be bike lanes only.

I bike on Penn often.

There can't be permanent physical barrier on Penn Ave from the White House to the Capitol, but that doesn't mean they're can't be any separated lanes.

And I disagree with your statements Richard. I think bike usage on Penn Ave. is higher than you might expect, and would increase quite a bit once better facilities are installed. Your argument about expending political capital is moot since the charge from this is coming from the top down. This is something Congressman Blumenhaur worked with Director Klein on. To my knowledge, there has been no 'car advocate' objections.

Just like with on the K Street Transitway proposals, I find it alarming that folks question implementation of facilities on these major corridors, and instead recommending other streets. Keep offering further suggestions, but let's not settle for either/or. We need to be asking for more/all and work out the details if and when compromises need to be made.

Right. Thanks for correcting me. There could be a cycletrack if it doesn't involve permanent barriers.

I agree that having few people ride Penn is not an argument for no facilities, because it may be that few ride it because there are no facilities. And I am also not sure that few people use Penn now.

I also bike Penn often. From 10th NW to 38th SE. There are plenty of people biking on Penn in the early morning, and more in the afternoon.

FWIW, I would love to see a cycletrack through the median on Penn ave SE. There are tons of families on bikes in the morning and this would be great for them.

I bike on Penn all the time. Not many cars use it any more, because it's closed at the White House. But it's a great bike route to Georgetown -- for that reason!

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