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I have worked at and commuted by bike to L'Enfant for most of the last 26 years. You pretty much summed up all the problems. One addition would be to put in some decent street lighting.

I. M. Pei designed most of this mess. (The leaks in the L'Enfant underground shopping plaza continue after 30 years of repairs and redesigns.) I once worked in his "plywood palace" in Boston. I wonder when we will stop praising people who design dysfunctional buildings and street scapes.

You're not kidding when you call L'Enfant Plaza a pedestrian dead zone. That area becomes awfully deserted by early evening, at least every time I've been there. Just walking from the Smithsonian museums to the Metro station there takes some nerves.

When you said that the NCPC was looking to transform the area, I was half-expecting to read that all of those modernist/Brutalist (or whatever design school it's supposed to be) would be torn down. But I guess that's too much to hope for. I've never cycled to L'Enfant Plaza. I find it much easier to ride up 14th St. to get to the Mall and downtown.

... modernist/Brutalist buildings...

Do those of you who commute to L'Enfant by bike know of a good place to park or to shower? I will start riding there soon.

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