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no need to be diplomatic. yes, they are liars. that's their job. politican is to lie and cartographer is to make maps.

I wouldn't bother correcting the information with Fox News. After all, they're just the mouthpiece.

Instead, it might be useful for WABA to write the newspapers in Kirk and Price's states/districts to correct the record. If Kirk is interviewing for the job of Senator, voters in his state should know about how sloppy he is with his homework.

Sorry for the double post, but I also thought, any spending in DC can't be "pork," strictly speaking. "Pork" is a voting member "bringing home the bacon." DC doesn't have any voting members. So no one is bringing home the bacon.

Kirk, Cantor, and Price have problems bigger than their truthiness, they have trouble understanding basic political terms. But, Washington and Wall Street are the two places you can fail so fabulously and find yourself promoted.

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