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Dare I say that stretch of Irving is the most over-built road in DC? DDOT could instantly improve that road for cyclists by turning the storm drains and installing a few speed cameras. It's good to hear changes are being considered.

"DC's only cloverleaf"

SE/SW freeway
Suitland parkway
16th street
the entrance to 66
anacostia freeway
south capitol
maine avenue

all have clover leaf interchanges.

not that they all shouldn't die a horrible death, but more than one exists.

I meant the only full (four leaf) cloverleaf

SE/SW freeway - nope.
Suitland parkway - 3 leaf
whitehurst - nope.
16th street - nope.
the entrance to 66 - nope.
anacostia freeway - 3 leaf and 2 leaf
south capitol - nope.
maine avenue - nope.

i'm probably just being anal and nitpicky and stretching the idea of cloverleaf. but its interesting.

SE/SW freeway - nope.
-@ barney circle

whitehurst - nope.
-@ k and 27th and rock creek.

16th street - nope.
-at military

the entrance to 66 - nope.
-just southeast of the kennedy center

anacostia freeway - 3 leaf and 2 leaf
-and another three leaf @ penn se.

maine avenue - nope.

I think a cloverleaf, when viewed from above has teardrop shaped loops where drivers go 270 deg around to go a different direction.

"A cloverleaf interchange is a two-level interchange in which left turns (in countries that drive on the right) are handled by loop roads (U.S.: ramps, UK: slip roads). To go left (in right-hand traffic), vehicles first pass either over or under the other road, then turn right onto a one-way three-fourths loop ramp (270°) and merge onto the intersecting road."

The places you've noted are interchanges, but not cloverleafs.

Froggie's Roadgeeking 101...;o)

By definition, a cloverleaf has loop ramps and regular ramps in all four quadrants. Or 8 ramps total. Thus...North Capitol at Irving is the only one in the District.

If an interchange has loop ramps, but not meeting the above criteria, most state DOTs consider it a partial-cloverleaf, or par-clo. The Anacostia Fwy interchanges at Malcolm X/Bolling, Suitland, and Pennsylvania qualify as such, as well as Military Rd at 16th St NW.

The I-66, Whitehurst, and Barney Circle ramps are, by definition, not loop ramps (curved yes, but not loop), so they don't qualify.

14th at Maine is a special case. Yes there's a loop ramp there, so technically it's a par-clo. But there's effectively only 3 ramps there to begin with so it's a very partial interchange.

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