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I hope they actually use bicyclist feedback to improve the recommended routings. Many of the routes I've tested seem infeasible or problematic, and I've found little difference between the "safe", "safer", and "direct" routings.

Once the poor routes are removed or clarified, this promises to be an awesome mapping tool. Until then, the routes should not be relied upon, but the tool can still be somewhat useful.

I've already suggested a correction, and they were quick in implementing it (including keying them in on a street that has limited public access). Their system admins are open to suggestions from locals (they seem to be headquartered in NYC, so their knowledge of "locals only" info for DC is limited right now). I'm very impressed with their willingness to engage the cycling community to build a useful tool.

Great tool. Only thing I've noticed so far is that when starting in Upper NW, even right up against the park (Tennyson and Oregon), it never gives me the option of the Rock Creek Trail (even as "direct route" option), and I wonder if that it's because of the weekend Beach Drive situation.

Either way, super cool!

Wow, this tool can be terrific as more of the bugs get worked out!
Yesterday I noticed the tool did not use the Georgetown Branch Trail east of Rock Creek to connect between Bethesda and Silver Spring, so I suggested the fix.
This a.m. I see it is fixed and recommends that route. I'm impressed with how fast the developers respond.

Hey all,

Thanks so much for your feedback. (I remember your comments, Wayne and Rudi, and glad we fixed them so quickly for you!) Keep them coming as I'm sure there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Also I don't know if you've experimented with this, but you can also cause the routes to be adjusted for your user only if you have a preference that you think is not shared by everybody. Just right-click on any street segment and choose Edit Rating. It will allow you to give the segment a 1-7 rating that will affect the routes generated for you. Vaidila wrote a nice blog post about it here:

To do this you'll need to have created a Ride the City user (which is fairly painless).

Jordan & Vaidila

I still cannot find a proper route on my way to/from work. The way into work has a lot of twists and turns and confusing. When I input the way from DC back to Arlington it gives me nothing.

I just moved, and was hoping for a safe route, now that taking the 4 Mile Run path is no longer an option :(

Where are your start and stop points.

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