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Thanks for your posting.
There's so much progress happening here in DC. It amazes and excites me at the same time.
There are not enought bike and pedistrian paths!

I am glad to hear that the county is improving the bikeability and walkability of Seven Locks Road. However, the project addresses only the portion from Montrose Road to Bradley Boulevard, which is already relatively bike-friendly, in my opinion. The portion south of Bradley is bike-hostile and deserves attention in the future.

The northern section of Seven Locks is hospitable to biking, though not ideal. The shoulders are usually wide enough to provide a cushion from traffic. Sometimes parked cars narrow or eliminate this cushion, but this is only a problem between Montrose and Tuckerman Lane. Traction on the shoulder can be an issue due to the accumulated grit and the steepness of the slope.

Biking the southern portion of Seven Locks between Bradley and MacArthur, however, is a totally different story. There the shoulder is mostly nonexistent, and you are left with the unpalatable choice of sharing the main traffic lane with cars or taking the side path, which has dangers of its own, as it is narrow, frequently bumpy from tree roots and driveway transitions, occasionally obstructed by overgrown shrubbery, and shared with pedestrians. Plus the path is on only one side of the road for most of this stretch. Still, I consider it better than riding in the road with cars, especially when traffic is bad.

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