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I've called 311 about this and also mentioned it in an email to Councilmember Graham. In his response he cc'd Director Klein and asked that it be taken of promptly, that it had been two week since it had snowed. If anyone has called 311, DDOT and DPW since the snow as fallen asking that the lane be cleared post a response and the reference number to the call here. It would be good to know how seriously this is being dealt with when reported. I've had mixed results with street cleaning and pothole calls in the past.

I did the same (contacted council).

Another funny development is that pedestrians who are out shopping with those little pull carts have taken to walking in the bike lane since they then don't have to contend with bumps in sidewalk joints. The other day I got yelled at by 3 pedestrians for biking in the bike lane.

Kristen: if you were a driver you would have run them over and complained that they were in the middle of your lane.

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