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Construction of "Phase II" before 2011 is unlikely because this project is not yet fully funded and needs a grant award from VDOT. Back around 2006, Arlington County staff had "scheduled" Phase II phase for completion in 2007.

Sadly, the north end of "Phase I" abruptly terminates just south of the narrow sidewalk in the Rte 50 underpass. Furthermore, VDOT completely rebuilt that underpass only a few years ago without including proper provisions to accommodate the long-planned Washington Blvd Trail.

Unfortunately, "Phase I" will negatively impact bicycling by increasing motorist harassment of bicyclists who are traveling south on the Washington Blvd roadway, rather than using a narrow two-way underpass sidewalk, then dodging motor vehicles at the trail crossings of two high-speed freeway entrance and exit ramps.

I wondered about the underpass. I thought it had been rebuilt, but it was so narrow, I figured I was wrong. Ugh.

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