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Roll Tide Roll! Just saying...

Do you think there's a chance they'll let them replay the game when Colt is healthy? It seems fair.

Do you think the NFL will let the 'skins replay half the season when our starting offensive line is healthy? It seems fair.

Well now you're just being ridiculous.

To assume the BCS championship should go to anyone BUT the SEC champion is ridiculous.

Enough of this bike nonsense, let's make this blog about football and zombies all the time.

If Colt wasnt such a wuss where a love tap on the shoulder sends him to the locker room...

As Jeff said, roll Tide.

I hate you both.

If I had a million dollars...

... I'd be rich!

Just saying...

have a good weekend nevertheless!

The best team doesn't always get the W, which is why we play the game. While the Crimson tide proved that they were champions, it can be argued that the Longhorns proved to be the Better team. At the very least, they proved skeptics of the Big 12 wrong. If the Longhorns offense were to be more successful as they would have been with colt, the Defense would have gotten more rest. I don't know if you have seen the Longhorn D, but they proved to be championship caliber last night.

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