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I'm learning, and sharing, so much for the blog which is why this trip is tax deductible.
Of course the deduction is limited to the amount of income you derive from the blog...

Annoying about Amtrak, but may I suggest the BoltBus instead? Your bike goes in the baggage hold, admittedly, not exactly well protected, so don't bring the $$$ carbon fiber marvel this way, but the drivers don't make a big deal about it, and there's not extra charge. I have done this a few times between NYC and DC without any hassles.

From the Weymouth article: “Human error is a factor in at least 90 percent of crashes,” said Robert Smith, the road safety manager for the Dorset County Council. “There’s no such thing as a dangerous road — only bad and dangerous road behavior.”

That second statement is so, so not true. Granted, this is across the pond, but I wonder if there are officials in our region who also think there's no such thing as a dangerous road. It would explain a lot about Fairfax County.

Contrarian, it isn't even that much because I still have to pay self-employment tax. But last year was the first time that the minuscule income exceeded the minuscule expense of the blog.

Scott F, I agree. The insurance companies keep track of the most dangerous intersections and they have experts go out and identify low-cost changes (moving/adding lights, etc...) that can be made to make them safer. These changes usually reduce crashes by a lot, as I recall. That certainly seems indicative of bad design.

The turn signal jackets remind me of the speedometer jacket. I don't remember if I read about that here or somewhere else. The jacket has large LED numbers on the back. The inventor hooked up the jacket to a speed indicator on the bike so the jacket would light up and show the current speed of the cyclist in large lit-up numbers. I think the guy only made the one jacket. But if you look him up online, you might be able to commission him to make some more.

As for Giro d'Italia story, strange. Is that the way that party wants to promote their cause? By forcing physical contact on people who may not want it?

wash: So do you have to count the butt powder as blog related income?

RE: Weymouth

How dangerous is a road if no one is driving on it?

Ron, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that was exempted by the landmark Coburn-Cantwell Butt Powder Act.

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