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forget andrews—i'd just be excited if the bike trail could be completed along the parkway to the suitland federal center. biking to a census bureau from DC would be 100 times easier if this was done!

Except that you'd still have to get ONTO the Fed Center from Suitland Pkwy. Which either means horse-trading with WMATA to run a connection through the Suitland Metro station (might be necessary anyway given that the station abuts the Parkway ROW, or a very dangerous run up Silver Hill Rd that is problematic just in a car, let alone on bike.

true. i would hope that wmata would be amenable to a trail connection through their ROW

Also, while we're talking about Andrews, I've found it both strange and a bit short-sighted that the northern stretch of the Perimeter Rd (that goes around the north end of the runway) has a bike lane going eastbound, but no bike lane westbound.

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