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Downtown DC to Silver Spring? I'm willing to meet anywhere generally close to the Red Line b/t Dupont and Union Station, or the Green Line b/t Gall place and Fort Totten.

7:30 AM meetup?

Thanks washcycle for setting this up.

JTS: I'd do the same, but in the other way.

Anyone going from SS area to downtown (especially G'town). Can commute via RCP, Connecticut Ave.

I'd be willing to meet up with anyone interested in convoying with me along the route I've been using for the last week from Del Ray to downtown DC, which has GREATLY improved during that time.

See map here for route and details.

I'd be willing to meet up at the north end of Commonwealth. Time flexible, but should be between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. Eric W. - you game yet?

I've been debating biking in from West Falls Church to Capitol Hill if anyone is interested. I rode from Georgetown west the other day and it wasn't too bad. just watch out for ice patches if you're going early. If I go, it'll be departing by 7am.

and this is the route I was thinking of taking

Lee Highway
Washington Blvd
Clarendon Blvd
Lee Highway
Key Bridge
M St.
Pennsylvania Ave


Hi BlindPilot,

I went to the gym on Friday and this morning because I just could not stand it anymore... And I need to do more running anyway (trying to find the silver lining somewhere).

Looks like you don't have to take Washington Boulevard with the cars on the way home anymore?

Maybe we should bike together. I am missing it!

Eric W., correct. There is no riding on Washington Blvd any more and no schlepping the bike through 1/3 a mile of snow. It's all on paths and all clear exact for one patch where some plowed snow had piled up and hasn't melted all the way yet.

I can shoot to meet you at 7:30 tomorrow if you're interested. Shoot me an e-mail or post comment here. Either way...

All paths for the Washington Blvd stretch across Columbia Island. Up to that point it's on street but bike-friendly.

Let's do it! I am super excited!
More in e-mail.

I live in North Arlington and work in Old Town Alexandria I'd love to find a convory to ride with if interested my cell is 202-390-3367 Ask for Thomas

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