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I wish I had my bike last night. I ended up walking home from downtown to Virginia because Metro closed down the above-ground rails and stations. It took me 2 hours!

On the other hand, the roads were pretty bad, even before today's blizzard. I don't how well I would have handled the bike in all that slush and new powder.

I've heard this rumor that Vancouver is looking for some snow. They have something going on there, an Olympics or something? Couldn't we give them all of our snow?

You are a better man than I am.

I don't recognize the second photo. Where does Wilson Blvd have a side road?

You are a better man than I am.

Someone had to put the stud in studded tires. ;-) It certainly wasn't me - just sayin'...

Scott F - the photographer is facing west, probably standing on the east side of Lynn St., looking up the Rosslyn hill. That shiny bit in the background is the sculpture at the intersection of Oak and Wilson/Clarendon.

as somebody who tries very hard to bike 365 days a year (well when in class at least) I missed one day in the fall due to a blizzard starting at 6am and a test at 8am and I live on a rural 50mph highway with snowplows doing 60 past me... yeah the bike is not coming out then. I also had some idiot yell that I was not suppose to bike in the snow, of course he was in his truck... sigh

I think it will probably be at least a couple of weeks before the MVT is clear enough for me to start biking to work again. Bummer.

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