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The chart indicates that there are no bike commuters in Prince William County. That may have been true in 1994-2007, but it is not true in 2009. I know because I bike to work from PW to Fairfax. The bike shops in PW can verify that we have people biking to work in the county. As a matter of fact, PW will be holding a Bike to Work pitstop in May as part of Bike to Work Day to highlight bike commuting in the county.

That could be a rounding issue. So it means between 0.0% and 0.05%.

not DMV... the DOT calved off the DPW. The DC DMV is still a separate agency.

Back in my stand-up days we'd call that TBNF, or True, But Not Funny.

That chart (from page 26 of the PDF) looks wrong. The given 1994 numbers for DC, Arlington, and Alexandria (2.2%, 1.1%, 0.7%) look more like the 2008 numbers I remember. Indeed, page 23 gives the 2008 DC bike commute share as 2.3%.

Anyway, good news in this report! Even if it doesn't all get done, sounds like DDOT's moving in the right direction.

In addition to training bus and taxi drivers in pedestrian and cyclist law they should also train police officers. There are just too many horror stories of vulnerable road users becoming victims twice when they are in a collision, first when they get hit and second when the police tell them that they are at fault, essentially for not being a motorist.

One thing I've realized is that since we entrust law enforcement with a great deal of discretion in enforcing the laws, it is important that the officers be representative of the communities they serve. That is the only way they can understand all of the perspectives of their constituents. Ideally the representation should extend to choice of transportation mode as well. Our police department currently is far more auto-centric than the city as a whole; it would be good to have pedestrianism and cycling represented as well.

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