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Was there any hint that the proposal to continue the Paint Branch Trail along the creek through the Beltsville Ag Research Center is still a possibility? (north from Cherry Hill Rd, under the Beltway, behind Ikea, and continueing along the creek to Sellman). I heard that local bike advocates were working on this a few years ago, and I believe they met with BARC management to discuss it.

It sounded like it is not only a possibility, but a priority. I'm not sure where the trail would run specifically, and I'm not sure the ICC team knew, as they were planning a different trail and are now deciding about how to proceed, but I think continuing the trail is exactly what they're talking about.

I was just informed (and had written it, but just forgot) that the AASHTO preference for a multiuser trail is 12 feet.

Plus, someone pointed out to me in a meeting that when we build multiuser trails with an expectation of high commuter use that we are designing in conflicts (she didn't put it that way, that's my interpretation) so the trail should be even wider.

I actually mentioned that to him, that I thought 12 feet was the standard. He thought I was joking and was said, "oh well why not make it 20?" Then I said I'd seen trails that wide in Minneapolis.

Glad to hear that the BARC route is still a possibility. It was not clear to me if you were describing the route south or north from the community center/park. It's a much-needed connection, especially if they put in a side-path to the IKEA shopping center, which now has residences too - and probably UMD students who could use the trail for any easy trip to campus.

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