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I have now sent 3 messages to NPS asking them what their Standard Operating Procedure is for maintaining trail access to the MVT during winter weather. Since I have yet to receive a response in almost a week now, I can probably already guess the answer.

I'm not actually hoping to get the trail plowed, but simply hoping to voice my opinion and maybe affect some shifts in thinking.

Harrison connector on Custis is coated with dangerous ice.

@TurbineBlade, you aren't the only one sending them messages (without reply). I also emailed them asking them to consider devoting 2% (approximate proportion of bike commuters in DC) of their snow removal budget to clearing the trails on their land.

Capital Crescent Trail is now cleared from Georgetown to the Maryland border.


CCCT has a first hand report that the Trail had not been cleared at all as of last evening. See www.cctrail.org/CCT_Condiions. What time did you see the trail was cleared?

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