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Hey Michele Malkin: how about complaining about how our transportation tax dollars are being raided to subsidize roads? Its an equal opportunity pork fest....look at all the nice highways in W.Va.

Hey SJE: What does that mean "It's an equal opportunity pork fest..Look at all the nice highways in W.Va"?

One doesn't need to look outside the beltway for waste or pork.

In related news, halfwits howled some more.

I only mention WVa because its much clearer than other pork.

I wasn't aware that Michelle Malkin even had half a wit, or that she's read by anyone beyond the Ann Coulter crowd. But she must hate living in Montgomery County with its bike paths paid for with federal Transportation Enhancements funds.

Not to pile on, but did anyone else see her on "This Week" a few months ago? It was like she was hitter called up to the majors for the first time and she just stood there watching pitches go past her. The other panelists actually laughed at her talking points. I've never seen anyone so dismantled on that show.

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