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It would feel really strange to ride through the cemetery, no matter what time of day. Personally, I wouldn't really need to take that route.

I have a separate question about the Washington Blvd. route just to the west of the Pentagon. The official Arlington Bike Map shows a "shared-use trail" from the cloverleaf at the SW side of the Pentagon. The trail follows Washington Blvd NNE until it connects to the trails near the Arlington Memorial Bridge. However, when I was there last month, the sidewalk just ends at the cloverleaf. There's no trail going north next to Wash. Blvd. Am I missing something here?

At Washington Blvd and Columbia Pike the trail switches to the north side of Columbia Pike up to Joyce Road and then it becomes an on street bike route along Southgate and Orme.

I had the same problems as Michael trying to find the trail just a week ago!

I still haven't figured out what I did wrong (even after reading your directions).

I recently moved from Four Mile Run area on the Pike to closer to the Washington Blvd exit. I was just running through when I tried finding the trail, but soon enough (or so I hope) the days will get warmer and longer again, and I would like to resume commuting by bike to work, but I have yet to find a good route.

I can't believe I'm closer to DC, but now biking to work will be a hassle. I miss my Columbia Pike to Four Mile Run to Mt. Vernon Trail route...

I'm pretty sure they don't allow cyclists in the cemetery anymore because there were a bunch of crashes at the bottom at the hill one spring. (I used to commute through there myself). So they decided enough was enough.

You can still ride through Fort Myer, just have to show ID at the gate.

I, too, used to commute through the cemetery. In fact, I rode down through it on my morning commute on September 11.
I believe you can still ride down the cemetery, but not up. As Pete mentioned, if you show ID, you can access Ft. Myer.

Where do you cross from the Fort to the Cemetery?

Ah, I remember biking through Arlington cemetery - I used to bike from DC to Ballston once a month. Coming back, I'd return on the Custis trail, since the cemetey closed early. It was one of those classic "living in DC" moments, to be in such a historic setting not as a tourist, but as part of a normal routine. We have fewer and fewer of those (like visiting the Capitol Terrace at night to marvel at the Mall)(and I remember when you could walk along the road between the White House and the Treasury Dept!)

Actually I was wondering about the Red-marked trail on the Arlington Bike Map that is supposed to follow Washington Blvd. on the east part right by the Pentagon and heading over to the Boundary Channel, the MVT and Arlington Memorial Bridge. Perhaps that route was closed off after 9-11. But why is it still listed on the official map as a Shared-Use Trail?

Michael, that trail is still there. In fact parts of it were rebuilt and upgraded. Back when Mrs. Washcycle and I were dating that was the trail that took me from my place to hers. Needless to say, I rode it a lot.

You can see it here, between the grass and the fence.

OK, thanks. I'll have to check it out. I might run there today and maybe bike there tomorrow if the snow has been cleared.

Writing from Los Angeles, the other National Cemetery, where the closure of federal land is an real and severe barrier for commuting cyclists approaching to UCLA - We have now received an invitation to assist the local congressman to write a letter to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. May I ask for a concise report of how things are handled in DC ? Opening times, signage, ("commuting vs recreation") , history, timeline, etc. We would also love to have some legal expertise to deal with this issue effectively - [email protected]

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