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What about the Mount Vernon Trail? Maybe those same people could volunteer to clean that up. That would be much appreciated.

Yeah, I know the MVT is in Virginia. But I'll gladly accept snow shovelers from any jurisdiction.

MD has cleared their chunk of the MBT. Saw cyclists on it this morning, including an elderly woman on a fixie.

Part of the MVT is in DC, but the real issue is that it is up to the NPS. NPS clears the CCT in DC. I wonder why they don't clear the MVT or RCPT. They should just invest in some gear and use it for all the trails in their parks (the Oxon Hill Farm trail, Anacostia Riverwalk etc...)

Hear, hear! I was pleasantly surprised to see it on my morning commute yesterday. There are still a couple of slushy places, but it's totally maneuverable with a bit of caution.

I like the British spelling of "plough." Gives the place some class. What tyres would you recommend for this section?

That's how Michael spelled it, so I didn't change it. I had to look it up to make sure it was right though.

We kid because we care.

There were over a dozen cars parked in the contraflow lane this evening around 7:30pm. It looks like when DDOT plowed the lane they also plowed up some of the plastic bollard that used to keep cars out. I called 311, but as of 10pm most of the cars were still there and none had been issued tickets.

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