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Cycling advocates from Mont. Co. are working with WABA to release an action alert to get a big email and letter response to the Council T&E Committee before their bikeways program work session on March 2. WABA will be sending it out early next week.

I was all over ddotdc about the MBT this week (via twitter, ha ha). They replied a couple of times to me, saying they were looking into the status of it before finally admitting they had no plans to clear that either. (I don't know if you can link direct messages, so here's a screenshot

meanwhile, despite all the MD poo- pooing, they have totally cleared their portion of the trail.

It is so frustrating to sit on the red line and see all that virgin snow. If they could run a bobcat down the 15th street lane, why can't they do it there too? arg...

Don't be so quick to give Montgomery County and MCDOT so much credit for clearing their part of the MetBranch.

The approx. 0.3 mile section of the MetBranch immediately north of the D.C. Line is in the Town of Takoma Park, and would have been cleared by the Town.

The other 0.3 mile section of the MetBranch immediately north of the Town of Takoma Park is on the campus of Takoma College, and would have been cleared as part of the college sidewalk clearing operations.

I'm not aware of any sidepaths or trails that are the responsibility of MCDOT to clear having been cleared. The Georgetown Branch Trail is untouched. What is the status of the Bethesda Trolley Trail, the sidepath along Great Seneca Highway, the sidepath along MD 28 in front of MCDOT headquarters, others?

Kansas has a four-foot passing law? That gives me an idea. Maybe next year in Virginia, we could push for a four-foot passing law. Explain that four feet is the new standard, that although we were asking for three before, even three really isn't enough. When the VA house balks at the idea, say "fine, but at least give us a measly three feet." Good negotiating strategy... maybe?

BTW, it sounds like 39% of us (15% do bike/walk often, 24% don't advocate it) are not hypocrites.

Good info. Thanks. Still a disappointment about DDOT though.

Regarding clearing trails, does anyone know what they do in places that get a lot of snow that tends to stay for a long time. e.g. Upper midwest, Rockies, Canada, etc. Do they just spread sand/grit?

Anyone notice that the snow behind the bike has a yellow patch? Sorry, that's the first thing I saw in the picture.

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