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I wouldn't say I "like" electric bikes, but I do believe that we need to really think about them. Given the current rules on trails--no motorized vehicles--they wouldn't be legal.

Oh, and re the George Mason project, that sounds cool. What they are doing is in tune with the reaction I had to this feature in the Post:


My response to the photos was rather than paint up the bikes, why not fix them and have people use them?

Maybe Gallinari is one of the only Italian-born and raised NBA players? Then again, he has zero connection to Washington as far as I know. I don't know what his connection is to cycling either. So that's 0 for 2.

Caron Butler would have been a better candidate. He is a bike enthusiast. He frequently gave away bikes to children from poor families while he was with the Wizards. He was co-chairman along with Mayor Fenty of the Bike for the Heart charity event last October. But Butler was traded away by the Wizards recently so he no longer has a D.C. connection. No Italian connection either. OK, scratch the idea about having Butler at the photo op.

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